Competition details


We want to get people around the world talking about biodiversity – the animals, plants, and bacteria that comprise life on Earth. And that’s why we need you! We need your artwork – whether it’s a painting, collage, drawing, etching…we want you to somehow showcase biodiversity of the place where you live.

We are calling on talented kids and teens (ages 5 – 18) to make artwork depicting your local biodiversity. At each of our competition locations, a judging panel will select the top 12 artworks, which we will turn into postcards. We are hopeful that these postcards – posted to destinations across the world – will raise awareness of the fantastic creatures and plants we’ve got here on Earth.

Who can submit

Our competitions are open to kids & teens (ages 5 – 18)

What are we looking for?

Your artwork! Whether you paint, draw, etch, screen print, etc., we would love to see it! Please submit an image of your artwork. Your artwork must represent biodiversity in some way. Hard copies are preferred, but if necessary you can submit via email (take a photo with your iPhone, iPad, or any option that works!). Just make sure to hold on to the original copy of your artwork in case you’re selected as a winner and we need to do a fancy photoshoot of it (because we may need the original for printing purposes). Along with your photo, please also make sure to include the information as requested on our entry form (group/individual entry forms are available under specific competition pages).

Ongoing competitions: 

WPP@ Wild Acres Week – check out our social media (Facebook or Instagram) to learn more!


Entries will be judged by a panel including biodiversity experts and artists. We’re looking for creative, beautiful, interesting artwork showcasing biodiversity.