The Wild Postcard Project

Sharing the awesomeness of local biodiversity

Alaska 2021

Who, what, when & where!

1. Who

Kids and teens (ages 5-18) who are currently living in Alaska.

2. What

Your artwork (whether you paint, draw, etch, collage, screen print, etc.) must represent the biodiversity of Alaska in some way…whether you focus on a single animal or plant, or depict an entire habitat or landscape. Three dimensional pieces (e.g. sculptures, paper maché, collages, etc.) or other kinds of creative entries are also accepted (and encouraged!).

A digital copy of your artwork and entry form is preferred (take a photo with your iPhone, iPad, or any option that works!). Just make sure to hold on to the original copy of your artwork in case you’re selected as a winner and we need to do a fancy photoshoot of it (because we may need the original for printing purposes). Along with your photo, please also make sure to include the information as requested on our online entry form (see here). Alternatively, you can submit the entry form information and artwork image via email – send to 

3. When

Postmarked no later than March 14th, 2021

4. Where

Option 1 (preferred): Online entry form, here.

Option 2: By mail here – Wild Postcard Project & Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, PO 949 Girdwood AK

Option 3: By email here – 

If you choose to email your artwork and entry form, you can print the PDF below, or make your own, but it should have all of the information listed on the entry form. The link should open a PDF file, ready for you to complete and send in with your artwork.

Printable entry form, here!

5. Judging

You will be judged by a panel including biodiversity experts and artists. We’re looking for creative, beautiful, and interesting artwork depicting living things in Alaska.

6. Prizes

The jury appointed by the Wild Postcard Project will select ten winners, who will have their artwork converted into postcards. These will be made available for sale online (in the WPP Etsy shop), the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC) gift shop, and in stores across Alaska. Winners will receive a small stock of their own postcards to send to/share with family and friends. They will join the winners of our previous seven competitions, whose artwork is helping to spread the beauty and awesomeness of local biodiversity around the world.

Our partners at AWCC will also be selecting artworks to be featured in their animal adoption program – these artists will receive a $250 scholarship for art featuring animals in their adoption program.

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