Ireland (2018)

Our 2018 Irish competition is now open! Read details below, and make sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates! 


Who, what, when, & where!

1. WHO: The competition is open to kids and teens (ages 5-18) who are currently living in Ireland.

2. WHAT: Your artwork (whether you paint, draw, etch, screen print, etc.) must represent the biodiversity of Ireland in some way…whether you focus on a single animal or plant, or depict an entire habitat or landscape. Three dimensional pieces (e.g. sculptures, paper maché, collages, etc.) or other kinds of creative entries are also accepted!

Hard copies are preferred, but if necessary you can submit via email (take a photo with your iPhone, iPad, or any option that works!). Just make sure to hold on to the original copy of your artwork in case you’re selected as a winner and we need to do a fancy photoshoot of it (because we may need the original for printing purposes). Along with your photo, please also make sure to include the information as requested on our entry form – and send to 

3. WHEN: Postmarked no later than 20 July 2018.

4. WHERE: Entries can be sent to:

Eileen Diskin,

c/o Innovation Academy,

O’Brien Centre for Science,

UCD, Dublin 4



You will be judged by a panel including biodiversity experts and artists. We’re looking for creative, beautiful, and interesting artwork depicting living things in Ireland.


Entry form

You can print this one or make your own, but it should have all of the information listed below. The link should open a PDF in a new window, which you should be able to download and print off (or right click the link below and select ‘download linked file’):


Ireland Entry Form (Individual)