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The wild things are here. Welcome.

Thank you for visiting. We are so excited to announce two (yes, two!) competitions for 2020 – WPP@Ireland and WPP@Nederland.

We started this journey just over four years ago, having come up with the idea brainstorming over hot chocolates in a Dublin pub on a cold and wet January evening.

Since then, we’ve run five competitions on four continents, and have loved seeing the awesomeness of our world’s biodiversity through the eyes of kids & teens in Ireland, Canada, the Philippines, and Madagascar.

We look forward to seeing the results of our 6th & 7th competitions…so it’s time to get creative! All information about the respective competitions in Ireland and the Netherlands (including entry details, deadlines, and more) is available under the “competition details” tab above.


Founded in 2016, the Wild Postcard Project aims to increase awareness of biodiversity through artwork competitions for kids & teens in locations across the world. The winning artworks are converted into postcards, allowing local biodiversity – as depicted by artistically inclined youth – to be shared to all corners of the globe.

We are keen to use what might be considered ‘old-fashioned’ medium: postcards. We feel like there’s so much shared online nowadays that it can be overwhelming. So, we are delighted to offer an initiative that allows us to revert to the days of pen pals in providing a much-needed digital detox!

We’ve had a fantastic response to our competitions held in: Ireland (2016, 2019); Philippines (2017); British Columbia, Canada (2018); and Madagascar (2018). Across these, we have received over 5,000 entries and our judges (a mixture of artists & scientists) always have a difficult time selecting only 12 winning artworks to be converted into postcards.

As for 2020 – we have a lot planned, with a competition taking place along the Amazon Margin in collaboration with the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP)! We’ve a few more exciting announcements forthcoming, so keep an eye out here and on our social media (Instagram: @WildPostcardProject; Twitter: @WildPostcard; Facebook) for updates.


If you’d like to purchase the postcards, please check out our Etsy shop here:

100% of funds from sales go directly towards the initiative.


A final congratulations to the winners of our competitions, and thank you to everyone who has taken part… we have been blown away not only be everyone’s artistic talents, but also in the care taken to depict the beauty, magnificence, and wonder of your local biodiversity.






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We are also very thankful for the generous financial support provided by I’m A Scientist who provided the initial funding to get this project up and running, and UTown@UBC Community Grants for making the BC competition possible.