About us

The wild postcard project was founded by two friends, and is supported by a lovely network of partners and supporters (our ‘pack’) across our various locations. We’re always eager to connect with like-minded people, so please get in touch if you’re interested in working with us on this or a similar initiative!

Angela and Eileen

Angela & Eileen are the founders of the wild postcard project. Sitting around in a pub one evening doing artwork (a tradition of theirs), they were discussing ideas for a new project that could combine their mutual loves of biodiversity and artwork. A bit of drawing, a bit of chatting, and a lot of brainstorming…and an idea was born!

Angela has a combined love for the ocean and exploration; that’s part of the reason she fell in love with the deep sea. As a deep-sea scientist she explores the mysteries of deep-sea coral reefs around the world (even here in Ireland!) where a new discovery awaits at every corner she turns. She has described new deep-sea species and  behaviours, and her research has been published in various international peer reviewed journals. In her spare time she lends her expertise to the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA), but also loves to share her enthusiasm for the sea as a guest speaker at aquariums and institutions around the world. She has also been invited to write for the Irish Independent. Her favourite Irish biodiversity is no other than the vibrant sea slug Flabellina pedata. Maybe also the deep-sea coral, Lophelia pertusa, because it builds beautiful coral reefs all over the Irish continental shelf and is home to loads of biodiversity!


Eileen and Noodle
Eileen and Noodle

From the wilds of the Alaskan tundra to the lovely warm sands of the Mediterranean (and a few spots in between!), Eileen has worked in a variety of locations across the world. Linking these is her passion for finding creative ways to communicate science. She initiated the formation of Biodiversity In Our Lives, a project which saw the creation of a set of four beermats providing pub-goers with fun facts about biodiversity; they produced over 50,000 beermats that were distributed to pubs across Ireland and received coverage in The Irish Times, Science magazine, and on RTE radio. She has been an invited speaker at a variety of events including Electric Picnic, TED-x Osnabrück, and the Falling Walls conference. Eileen (who is ‘occasionally’ indecisive) is having trouble picking her favourite bit of Irish biodiversity – she can’t decide between the Siskin (because it rhymes with her last name), the puffin (because they’re totally cute), and her dog Noodle (because dogs are biodiversity too!).

 Our partners:

National Biodiversity Data Centre (NBDC)

National Gallery of Ireland (NGI)


Supporting organizations (and their favourite biodiversity):

An Taisce is very fond of the Pine Marten and threatened animals, such as Hen Harrier, Freshwater Pearl Mussel, Lesser Horseshoe Bat, and Arctic Charr. These are amazing animals that don’t get enough publicity.

Bat Conservation Ireland

BirdWatch Ireland

Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI)

Dublin Bay Biosphere

Irish Peatland Conservation Council (IPCC) who love the sundew, a carnivorous plant found on bogs, the curlew (one of Ireland’s bog birds), as well as Sphagnum moss – the building block of bogs!

Irish Seed Savers

Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG)

Ireland’s Wildlife