Ireland 2018

Joanne (14)
A Fun Puffin
Watercolour on paper
Ireland, 2018

This beautiful painting captured all judges imaginations on first glance. Joanne’s mastery of the medium of watercolour is commendable – the sende of movement and playfulness portrayed is noteworthy, and through this piece shares with the viewer a moment in time.

Megan (11)
Wishes in the Wind
Watercolour on paper
Ireland, 2018

This artwork is simply brilliant of the story it tells. Although at first glance a straightforward piece, Megan has capture a moment in nature that manages to convey a sense of change and growth. The elegance with which this has been depicted has amazed the judges.

Maia (10)
Mixed media inc collage work
Ireland, 2018

This colourful mixed-media piece depicts a butterfly in two halves. It is a poignant commentary on a beautiful insect, and is especially wonderful in its use of found materials to create a collage. Maia’s comman of colour, texture, and space has resulted in a masterpiece.

Elliot (6)
Pencil & Pastel
Ireland, 2018

Elliot’s attention to detail really impressed the judges. His focused approach in drawing numerous individual raindrops has resulted in a stunningly intricate piece, the overall effect is enhanced by his selected colour palette and sense of space.

Rebecca (12)
Untitled (study of flowers and leaves)
Coloured pencil on paper
Ireland, 2018

Rebecca’s incredibly detailed study of a flower and a selection of aleaves particularly impressed the scientists on the judging panel! Her attention to detail in depicting various species of plants, and her sense of space displaying them, is wonderful.

PJ (12)
The Sunflower
Ireland, 2018

In this vibrant and boldly colourful work, PJ has demonstrated an excellent control of the various media that he has used in this composition. The resulting synergy between the different elements of his piece is really impressive.

Dara (7)
The Deer
Crayon & paint on paper
Ireland, 2018

In his bold and imaginative work, Dara has used colour and shape to depict a deer in a manner that is simultaneously simple and striking. Through use of a limited but certainly selected palette, this imaginative work has an incredible impact.

Paddy (6)
Watercolour & pen on paper
Ireland, 2018

Paddy’s restrained use of colour in this piece to portray an owl has resulted in a piece that is restrained and earthly – yet at the same time the sense of character that the owl seems to have is brilliant! His use of pen for mark-making to add detail to the owl also really impressed.

Aoife (11)
Adult crow on a log, Laghey Co Donegal
Mixed media inc. collage work

Our judges were extremely impressed with the variety of diverse artistic techniques demonstrated by Aoife in this mixed media piece. Her skill in crafting a bird from crépe paper is incredibly clever, the result being evocative of feathers. Set against a gorgeous background… Wow!

Maggie (10)
Deep in the woods
Paint & pen on paper
Ireland, 2018

The abstract depiction of a colourful natural ecosystem demonstrates Jamie’s command of the chosen medium of paint. The piece is powerful in its elegant simplicity; The dramatic colour selections set a tone with which the viewer can contemplate the scene.